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1. Agita 1kg is a pesticide for animals against flies, horseflies and other flying insects.

2. It is a practical and effective solution to protect your pets from annoying insects.

3. Agita 1kg is easy to use: just spray the area around your pet for immediate protection.

4. Thanks to its formulation based on registered active ingredients, Agita 1kg ensures rapid and effective action.

5. Agita 1kg is a safe product to use, both for the animal and for the surrounding environment.

Shake 1 kg

SKU: 315056
  • Agita 1 kg is an animal pesticide that offers long-term protection against flies and horseflies. It contains a unique formula based on active ingredients and lasts up to 1 month. It is easily applied both indoors and outdoors, thus protecting animals from all types of parasites. Agita 1 kg is a safe product, tested and recommended by zootechnical technicians.

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