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Postpartum subclinical hypocalcemia is the basis of puerperal diseases (placental retention, ketosis, mastitis, etc.): preventing it is not a cost, it is an investment.

BoviBol® Parto is produced with an original technique that allows you to obtain large boluses with controlled dissolution. The dose of two boluses at the beginning of labor or immediately after birth releases 88 grams of calcium, energy and vitamin D for 24 hours. It effectively compensates for hypocalcemia and prevents its serious consequences



Complementary dietary feed in slowly dissolving ruminal boluses for dairy cows


1. Open the wrapper, open the cap, remove the sealing ring, tear the wrapper completely along the punched line, extract the bolus
2. Administer 2 boluses with the appropriate launcher, preferably at the beginning of labor or immediately after birth. Repeat if necessary after 24 hours in the case of cows at risk (> 2 lactations, twin births, unfavorable BCS, etc.)


202 g bolus
Launchers supplied separately

Bovibol Parto 202 g

SKU: 9843198
  • Bovibol Parto 202 g is a nutritious mixture based on calcium and phosphorus for the control of postpartum hypocalcemia in cows. Contains a unique formula of substances that help support the body and prevent postpartum hypocalcemia in cattle. The mixture is easy to administer and its high-quality ingredients provide adequate intake of nutrients essential for cow health. Bovibol Parto 202 g is an excellent product for maintaining the correct nutritional balance in cattle after calving

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