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In case of diarrhea it is important to continue the administration of milk, provided you choose a rehydrating product formulated for this purpose.

Boviferm® plus is a complete antidiarrheal compatible with milk. It is an excellent rehydrator with a high SID (77), and also contains mucosal protectors, nutrients and highly concentrated probiotics.
Corrects metabolic acidosis while correctly nourishing the calf: it is therefore indicated both for severe neonatal diarrhea and for less serious forms of nutrition



Dietary complementary feed for calves


Mix 1 sachet of Boviferm® plusSID in 2 liters of warm water (<50°C) and add, based on the ration usually consumed, from 0.5 to 4 liters of milk or substitute. Administer twice daily for 2-3 days or longer if necessary


Box of 24 sachets of 115 g
1 sachet in 2 liters of water provides: Na+ 222 mmol, K+ 50 mmol, Cl 118 mmol, buffer substances 154 mmol, E.Faecium 2x109 ufc, energy 1.4 mj

Boviferm Plus 100 g

SKU: 98458
  • This lactic ferments product helps restore the balance of the intestinal flora in calves. It is made with a mixture of carefully selected strains of bacteria for good resistance to gastric acidity and bile and good adhesion to the intestinal walls. It is easy to use and contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support calf health. It offers a rapid and sustained response for the treatment and prevention of dysbiosis in calves. The product is well tolerated and free of unwanted side effects

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