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Microincaosulate insecticide with knockdown and residual action.

1 liter pack


DRAKER 10.2 is a product with a highly advanced formulation that combines a strong knockdown action and long-lasting effectiveness thanks to microencapsulation technology. This concentrated water-based insecticide does not contain solvents, is odorless and does not stain (test it before using on delicate surfaces). DRAKER 10.2 eliminates insects present at the time of treatment and prevents the onset of subsequent infestations for at least 2-3 weeks. the product is effective against most annoying or harmful insects in the civil, domestic and industrial sectors, including mosquitoes.

Pure cypermethrin (CAS No. 52315-07-8) 10 g
Pure tetramethrin (CAS No. 7696-12-0) 2 g
PBO (CAS. No. 51-03-6) 10 g
Co-formulants to taste to 100 g

Suitable for use in internal and external environments such as: homes, warehouses, hotels, schools, hospitals, cohabitations in general, food industries, public vehicles, etc.

Indoor environments: apply the insecticide solution with normal spray pumps, taking particular care of the perimeter areas of the rooms, skirting boards, corners and crevices, the back of furniture, kitchens, ovens, refrigerators, places where waste accumulates, in toilets and where the nesting or passage of insects is foreseeable. For flying, treat surfaces where insects tend to linger.
Outside: apply on walls, windows, windowsills, cornices, hedges, places where waste accumulates. In order to prevent and hinder the infestation of internal environments, it is recommended to spray the external perimeter of the buildings to a height of approximately one meter and at the same time a band of surrounding soil one meter wide.

100 ml for 10 liters of water.
Mosquitoes: 50-100 ml per 10 liters of water.
Flies and cockroaches: 100-300 ml per 10 liters of water.

Min. Health Reg. No. 19380

Draker 10.2 - 1 lt

SKU: 99854436
  • This Draker 10.2 - 1 lt garden mosquito disinfestant insecticide is one of the most effective products for fighting mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Thanks to its powerful active ingredient, this product is able to quickly and effectively eliminate mosquitoes present in your garden. The application is easy to use and does not leave any bad smell. Furthermore, its patented formulation allows you to protect your garden for a longer period of time. By purchasing the Draker 10.2 - 1 lt you will have the guarantee of complete protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

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