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These stretch livestock gloves are high quality, made from a soft and elastic material, ideal for inspections. Each pack contains 50 pieces and guarantees optimal protection. They are resistant to chemicals and wear. Their ergonomic design offers a firm grip and comfort during use. These elasticated livestock gloves are perfect for inspection and excellent value for money.


Elastic zootechnical gloves - length cm. 85
Thickness: 27 My approximately
Packaging: Box of 50 pieces
Packaging: From 1,000 pieces
Country of origin: Italy
Uncertified product
Product composition: Ethylene copolymer
Tests and checks carried out: Quality check
Code. 204

Cross cut - with fastening strap to be used as an elastic
For visits and artificial inseminations.


Elasticized zootechnical gloves 50 pieces

  • 1.The Elastic Livestock Gloves are ideal for cattle inspections.

    2.The elasticized livestock gloves offer high protection performance thanks to their abrasion-resistant surface and their construction in elasticated material.

    3.Livestock Gloves offer excellent grip thanks to their non-slip design and unique molded material.

    4.Made with top quality materials, the Elastic Livestock Gloves are wear-resistant and extremely comfortable.

    5.This pack of 50 pieces offers a practical and convenient solution to meet all your protection needs.

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