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In case of ketosis, establishing correct oral therapy is very important: Keto - Bovisal® is specifically designed for this purpose.

Contains vitamins, trace elements and carnitine in a sodium propionate matrix: compensates for the energy deficit without tiring the liver, like propylene glycol, or depressing the ruminal flora, like pure sodium propionate.



Dietary complementary feed for heifers, cows and sheep


1/2 bottle to be repeated at 12 hour intervals until the symptoms disappear (poor appetite, reduced production, etc.)
Thixotropic gel - shake immediately before use
Administer at temperatures below 25°C


610 g bottle; box of 12 bottles


Keto bovisal 610 g

SKU: 98443181
  • This Bovisal Keto Supplement 610 g is a product specifically formulated to help cattle combat ketosis. It contains a unique combination of electrolytes, and energy sources that help preserve metabolism and maintain an adequate level of energy. Additionally, it contains a blend of essential substances that help support a healthy immune system and overall good health. It is an easy to use, safe and economical product that can help prevent ketosis in cattle.

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