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Muscid 5GB - Insecticidal bait for flies with sexual and food attractants


MUSCID 5 GB is a granular insecticidal bait for the control of various species of flies. MUSCID 5 GB has excellent attractiveness towards flies with the double effect of food and sexual attractant. MUSCID 5 GB contains Acetamiprid, a new generation active ingredient from the neonicotinoid family. It acts by ingestion and by contact on the central nervous system in the post-synaptic area. Flies stop feeding and die quickly. The product contains denatonium benzoate, a bittering agent designed to prevent accidental ingestion by animals and children.

100 grams of product contain:

  • Acetamiprid0.50g
  • z-9 tricosine0.06g
  • Cheese1g

Sales packages

400 g jar

Sugarkill 400 g

SKU: 9857121
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