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Analysis of Finance Data in Farming

The event on Finance Data Analysis in Dairy Cattle Breeding was a great success!

We want to thank all the participants who took part in today's event, held in the splendid setting of the CERE - Circolo Equitazione Reggio Emilia. The event, organized by ZOO G Veterinaria and Deatech , saw the participation of numerous breeders and veterinarians interested in discovering how financial data analysis can improve the efficiency and profitability of their farm.

Doctor Gianandrea Guidetti (ZOO G Veterinaria) opened the proceedings by underlining the importance of drug reduction through better management at a nutritional, supplementary and phytotherapeutic level and prevention as virtuous mechanisms for Classyfarm , CAP , animal welfare and environmental sustainability .

Professor Alberto Atzori of the University of Sassari then developed the topic of reducing pharmaceutical spending in dairy cattle farming, highlighting how this can be significantly limited with modern management. Giuseppe Palosti , an expert breeder, shared his positive experience with the adoption of this system, moderated by Mattia Cargnel (Deatech).

Here are photos and videos of the event:

Thanks again everyone for your participation!

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