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Heat stress

PROTECT YOUR COWS FROM HEAT STRESS WITH THERMO EXTRA PELLET! The solution against heat stress With the arrival of summer, we know that protecting the well-being of our cows becomes even more important. High temperatures, associated with high environmental humidity, cause heat stress and negatively influence the health and production performance of farmed animals. This is why we are excited to introduce you to THERMO EXTRA PELLET, our new summer food technology, specially formulated to help cows get through the summer comfortably and safely. THERMO EXTRA PELLET is designed to protect cows from heat stress, taking into account the specific nutritional needs of cows during periods of intense heat, offering a number of significant benefits.

Cows in the manger at ZOO G customer
ZOO G view of cattle breeding

The secret to having healthy and fit cows Here's how THERMO EXTRA PELLET helps your cows during the hot period: 1. Thermal regulation: contains natural ingredients that promote the thermoregulation of the cows. Thermo Extra Pellet helps reduce the risk of hyperthermia and helps maintain a normal body temperature, allowing cows to feel more comfortable during hot days. 2. Electrolyte balance: High temperatures and sweating can lead to a loss of important electrolytes for cows. Thermo Extra Pellet contains an optimal balance of mineral salts and electrolyte substances which helps animals maintain adequate hydration and prevent dehydration. 3. Immune support: Cows subjected to heat stress are more susceptible to disease and infection. Thermo Extra Pellet is enriched with nutrients and ingredients that support the immune system of cows, strengthening their defenses and reducing the risk of diseases. 4. Digestion and nutrition: Summer heat can negatively affect cows' digestion. Thermo Extra Pellet contains specific ingredients that promote proper digestion and nutrient assimilation, ensuring that cows receive maximum nutritional value from their feed, despite adverse environmental conditions. Appetite Stimulation: Heat stress can reduce cows' appetite, affecting their feed intake and, consequently, milk production. Thermo Extra Pellet is formulated to stimulate cows' appetite, encouraging them to consume an adequate amount of feed and maintain adequate nutrition during the summer.

Dairy cow in cubicle at ZOO G customer
Dairy cow

We know how important it is for you to protect the well-being of your cows, especially during periods of intense heat. With Thermo Extra Pellet, you can provide them with targeted nutrition that will help them overcome heat stress and maintain high production performance. For further information on how to integrate it into your cows' ration, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with the support and information you need. Protect your cows from heat stress and guarantee them a comfortable and safe summer! 😃

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